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09 October 2015 @ 10:56 pm
Haptephilia: I’ll write my/your character becoming aroused by my/your character’s touch.  
IT WAS SAFE TO SAY that things between Sif and Ares were varied. Certainly for the most part they were straightforward lovers. Aggressive, passionate, unyielding. Their patterns in the bedroom reflected their habits on the battlefield and being a Goddess and God of War perhaps that wasn't too surprising. And yet despite those common themes they somehow managed to keep things interesting. They did live for thousands of years after all, without creativity where would they be?

Taunting and teasing was something he personally had a love hate relationship with, especially when he became the victim - but fortunately that was not the case today. Today he was the one who had the pleasure of starting the taunting. One might think two beings who were as direct as they were might not find enjoyment in such foreplay - and again they would be gravely mistaken.

Like all things it started out innocently. The aftermath of a sparring session - which wasn't really different from a battlefield except their bodies weren't covered in the blood of their opponents. Sif stood before a table ready to begin the process of taking off the multiple pieces of armor; from bracers to the chestplate. It was at that moment that Ares decided to make an entrance. His own armor had already been shed, his only clothing being a cloth that wrapped around the important parts of his lower half.

The God of War knew her habits. He knew Sif would be too focused on properly disassembling the armor - a sacred thing really - to take notice of the grin on his features. It was fortunate as one look over her shoulder would have given away what would become all too clear soon enough.

"That was quite the effort out there" he commented as he came to stand behind her. Such was the nature of their relationship - as gods of war one might expect fierce rivalry or perhaps dislike. In fact it was the opposite, they were companions on and off the battlefield. If she was a better warrior that meant more victories in battle and vice versa. Why wouldn't he admire her? "Let me help you with that." His tone was casual as he brushed her hair aside.

It was simple enough, innocent enough, as he reached for the leather strap that held her chestplate. And yet his touches were all too deliberate, brushing across her shoulders as he moved to the other strap at the left shoulder. As he would move to the lower straps his fingers would brush over exposed skin before removing the last leather strip. If Sif had figured out his plan she said nothing ( though Ares could swear he heard the beginnings of some labored breathing each time his fingers danced across her skin ) With no verbal response she removed the breastplate, placing it on the table before her. The Olympian remained standing behind her, eyes traveling the expanse of her exposed back. She really was esquisite.

To her credit she continued as if nothing had happened, her hands moving to undo the bracer on her left wrist. A casual question asking of how he felt after the match was asked - one that Ares gave an equally casual response to. His attention was focused elsewhere, mainly his hands reaching out to press against the small of her back. He would claim there was no reaction but her fingers stopped in the midst of taking the armor off. His hands started to wander the expanse of her back; eventually moving around to her abdomen as he pressed closer to her. If there had been any ignorance to his actions before hand it was obvious now.

"Oh, don't stop on my behalf."

Despite his words he continued to explore the exposed skin, only ever teasing the waistline where her armored skirt began. It was the definition of a cruel tease and he fully exected Sif to turn around and slam him against the wall at any moment. On the other hand - although they had finished their sparring for the day this was almost like another battle. A battle he was determined to win simply by touching her.

Leaning closer to her his breath was hot against the shell of her ear. "Have I ever mentioned the things seeing you fight makes me want to do to you" she had resumed her task while his fingers continued theirs. "I always have the urge to pin you to the ground and use that fire against you until you have nothing left to give....Or perhaps you take charge. You take the power from my hands and sit atop me until you get me to admit defeat. Over. And over. again." And when he could feel the goosebumps on her skin, the hands having stilled their task - that was when he pulled away from her.

                                         "But I've been told I live in a fantasy world so...."