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04 January 2016 @ 03:15 am
Clark couldn't help but notice the woman standing on the street corner. She didn't seem particularly lost - he had a hard time imagining anyone getting lost nowadays with GPS in their phones. It was more of a tourist type expression; as if she were seeing something for the first time. Normally he might understand, Metropolis had plenty of great sights to see after all. But - well there was nothing amazing about an intersection downtown surrounded by a bunch of tall buildings.

 As curious as it was Clark was willing to let it slid as a random occurence and continue his bike ride to work. At least that was until she stepped out into the street.


Clark may have many talents but he wasn't even sure if the Flash would've been able to avert the accident in time. Fortunately they landed a bit closer to the sidewalk so he ddn't have to worry about any traffic coming over them and as far as physical damage he was fine - even if his bike had seen better days. His attention immediately went to the girl in the sundress and sweater, hoping she hadn't been injured.

"I'm sorry, miss are you alright?"

His question came as he stood and slowly helped her to her feet. She seemed a bit reserved as she nodded her head and for a moment Clark wondered if she was shaken up from the collision. "I am fine, thank you." As she rose to her feet. he adjusted the glasses on his face. It sounded odd to say - given that there were millions of people who lived in Metropolis - but she wasn't a face he had seen before. Brunette hair, light skin with a hint of color, and eyes that seemed to be taking in everything they saw - which at the moment was his towering frame. He couldn't help but notice that she talked differently - not exactly an accent but certainly different and it made him wonder if his assumption of her being a tourist was right.

"I really should've looked where I was going -- "

"You're very dense."

Her comment caught him off guard and for a moment Clark stood there with his mouth open. It was only after a moment of speechlessness that he let out a breath and chuckled slightly. "That's not the first time I've been told that." He noticed her figeting with her sleeve and felt the need to inquire once more. "Are you sure you're okay."

She paused for a moment and Clark feared she might genuinely be hurt. Which in some case she lucked out as he was perhaps one of the best people to become hurt around. It was as if his question had caused her to think of something else until she finally spoke. "I feel amazing. What is your name?"

Internally he relaxed and he couldn't help but smile at how strange this meeting had been. "Clark Kent."