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14 February 2016 @ 10:56 am
Ares was not one for romantic words, despite the past history of lovers that he held. He was one who expressed his emotions through actions better than words. And even then he didn't get romantic with every conquest he had. It took a unique individual to sway his actions. And Diana was nothing if not a unique individual. At first he had considered doing nothing; but slowly he was starting to see that the Amazon Princess was more than just the best warrior alive. She actually had quite a bit of sentiment to her - even if that sentiment was often frustration when it was directed at him. So the idea of doing something for her - something other than romping around in the sheets all day ( although he fully intended to do that ) seemed like something that might get Ares some good points.

It started with showing up at her apartment in the morning, doing his best not to wake her. Truly Diana was a vision even when she slept - Ares couldn't help but wonder just what kind of work she did for her little league that would have her out all night. Given that she was sleeping so soundly he imagined the night before had been a long shift. Placing the roses he had stolen from his mother's garden on the side table he set the chocolates down on the bed. Yet as he was about to wake her with a kiss he got an ares-like idea to sabotage his entire effort.

Grabbing her lasso from the chair in the corner of the room he made a small knot and looped it around her wrist. Leaning forward he placed a small kiss to her bare shoulder, another along her back, and brushed her hair aside to place one on her neck. It was only once he felt her begin to stir awake that he grinned and spoke softly. "Do you love me, Diana?"