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06 April 2016 @ 02:23 pm
blog rules  

the reason we're here right? when it comes to roleplay i am pretty flexible either way. i can do short one-liners and i can do multi-paras. i do tend to like longer posts just because they allow for more depth but honestly i can adjust to my partners preference. i usually don't make greeting starters ( i will when i'm getting started cause i'm a pleb ) but typically i prefer doing starter calls. when it comes to aus and crossovers bring them all on i'm more than happy to explore any verse or possibility.


mun & muse are over the age of 18 so there may be nsfw content. it will always be tagged nsfw //as for triggers i personally have none but i am more than happy to accomodate any followers that need something tagged. my tags will be tw: triggering content name here


i am a multi-ship blog at the moment. honestly i can be shameless with my ships but i do try to stick to some ounce of chemistry/interaction. i do ship balthier/fran but i won't force that ship on any muse that doesn't. i do not write m/m ships. i have nothing against seeing them on my dash/following people who do but just as a mun it makes me uncomfortable to write.


all icons were capped & edited so please do not steal or repost. they are not for public use.

dealing with issues

if you have an issue with me then please confront me privately. i've never really had an issue on the site but if it ever does arise i'd much prefer to handle things in private than public. critiqutes are always welcome but anon hate ( or hate of any kind ) will not be posted or responded to.


hi i'm david ´ ▽ ` )ノ i'm twenty-four and work a full-time job. i have a handful of blogs so if i ever have or day or two where i'm not as active that is probably why. i've had a kingdom hearts muse but this is my first time jumping into the final fantasy fandom so be gentle with me please alkdma.