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05 September 2015 @ 09:48 pm

CLARK HAD TO ADMIT he felt a little bad that he didn't make it to see Kara as much as he should have. Especially given the fact that it was just a few minutes by the speed he could fly at. At the same time he was proud of everythin he heard her doing - doing it on her own and making her way. Of course every now and then he would have to just give friendly reminders that he was here for her if she ever needed him. As imposing and god-like as he may seem, he was still just her cousin.

Clark could remember well and true his time growing up with his powers - alone and confused. There were times he would have killed for an explanation or someone who was going through the same things he could talk to. Now that Kara was starting to develop her own powers, Clark felt that extra urgency to make time out of his schedule and visit her. It was why he was glad she had excepted his offer today for a day out on the town - hopefully without world threatening interruptions.

He stood at the fountain near the park she had told him to wait, checking his watch to make sure it was the right time. The watch had been his fathers, who knew how many times Clark had gotten the battery replaced already. His glasses sat on the bridge of his nose - a choice he wasn't sure he wanted to go with at first but one he settled for in the end. Even if the people Kara knew didn't know him with or without his glasses, it was always better to be safe than sorry. In his hands he held a bag, something not necessary but that he had wanted to do for her.

When he finally laid eyes on her the man from Kansas couldn't help but break into a smile. Despite trying to fit in, in his eyes ( most likely because he knew who she was ) Kara would always stand out from the crowd. She walked towards him, her glasses mirroring his own. Though her attire was perhaps more fashion forward - there was a distinct lack of plaid in her clothing. That was something that the city could never take out of the farm boy.

"A little something - I know I was never able to get you a real house warming gift." he extended his bag towards her, inside it was a wrapped box with a bow on it. " It's nothing big but - I thought you'd appreciate it. Maybe wait until later to open it though." Within the package was a crystal - nothing fancy about that to any stranger. But it was a crystal he had taken from the Fortress, a crystal from home. And he knew home meant a lot more to Kara than it did to him, even if she didn't show it. But he didn't want to make her emotional while they were just starting their day so he trusted her enough not to use her x-ray vision to peek in the box as they prepared to walk. "So, where do we start?"

Clark didn't know if Kara was familiar with showing tourists around - but if she wasn't he would suggest she pick up a side-job as a tour guide if she ever needed the money. They started out at some downtown spots, Kara avidly pointing out things Clark should take notice of before she led him to what was apparently a rave spot for lunch food. Not exactly a Metropolis hot dog but he had to admit - not bad. From there their day just went on and on and he was almost tempted to call up Jimmy and barrow his camera. In the end they settled for a number of selfies in which it could really be a hard debate on trying to figure out whether Kara or Kal had the biggest 'El' smile. Clearly it was a genetic thing.

He supposed one of the many benefits of the abilities they had was there was no lack of endurance or development of fatigue. At least not from simple things like walking. He wasn't exactly sure how many miles they had traversed but he was pretty sure they covered half the major parts of the city. ( Clark had made a point of saying they would ride the subway in Metropolis because that was something she had to experience ) In the end though, their journey brought them to a part of the city that was least city like. Technically just outside the urban area, a large hill that she had said during the fourth of july you could see all the various fireworks going off.

For now it was just them, with some stragglers still sitting around after the sun had set. It was peaceful.

"You can open it now"

The comment almost came out of the blue, disrupting the quiet they had enjoyed. For a moment Kara blinked at him before finally remembering the bag he had given her ( now buried under numerous shopping bags he had been goaded into getting her ). Anxiously, but clearly not trying to appear too anxious, she pulled the top of the box open and another silence fell over them again. For a long moment Clark just watched the mix of emotions on her face. Joy, sadness, longing. "A little piece of home for your new home." A choked laugh escaped Kara and she looked over at him, smiling with what he hoped was joyful wet eyes.

She didn't say anything at first, merely leaned over and wrapped her arms around his large torso. "Thank you, Kal." Her words brought a smile to his own features, one hand coming to rest around her, reassuring and comforting.

He looked up at the sky, away from all the lights it was almost like all those times he had looked up when he was a kid, wondering where he had come from. Now the only difference was that he had someone to look up with him. He could feel Kara's face shift against his chest, her head craning upwards as well. He wondered what she was thinking; remembering home? Or maybe she was like him, thinking that maybe - maybe there was a chance they weren't the only ones. Perhaps out there somewhere in the vast galaxy there were others. As he glanced down to look at Kara though, he supposed if it was just the two of them - well there was worst company to have.

27 August 2015 @ 09:31 pm
THERE WERE A NUMBER OF THINGS Ares liked about Ada - and none of them had to do with her job. To be frank he could care less about what mortal agenda or interactions were occuring. The world was going to hell - they could only delay it for so long. And if anyone was familiar with their mythology they knew that often Zeus' ears fell deaf to the woes of mankind. Now with time and ignorance due to the mortals; that same passiveness had spread across Olympus. So needless to say what she did in her professional life was of no concern to him.

                         However the skills she used were something he admired.

He stopped short of calling her cold blooded and settled for lethal. With a gun or with a crossbow, it was like watching bloody art in action and Ares loved it. Of course any conflict was his to admire but when a woman like herself was the orchestrator - well he took extra appreciation. Lately Ares had made a habit of appearing every now and then. Usually he saved their rendevous for when she wasn't busy - a hotel room, a dark corner, someplace that at least seemed SAFE. But he certainly wasn't afraid to push boundaries. And if he was honest he had a feeling she got her own private kicks out of this too. She had something ( a resource if nothing else ) that no one knew anything about - that no one could STOP. Though he might not know the intricies of er business something told him she liked her ability to be aloof when she wanted. And having a GOD on her side certainly beat whatever technology others could give her.

It was a theory that was only cemented as he looked across the room at her - considering the question she had posed to him. The room was dark; an abandoned building ( something that was all too common these days ) illuminated only by a candle. "Are your contractors not doing a satisfactory job?" as the question was spoken Ada leaned against a desk, arms crossed over her chest as she eyed him - her silence an obvious response. In truth he was suprised she didn't ask him for his blood yet - his conclusion was one of two. She would have to give it over to people she didn't want to or she realized it would do nothing.

Rather than answer his question Ada shot him a coy look, arms unfurling and heels clicking against the floor as she moved towards him. It was an act that Ares swore she did simply because she knew the power that the natural sway of her hips held over him. After all Ares wasn't simply drawn to warriors - when it came to women he preferred them to have a sense of strength about them. Whether it be physical, psychological, or simple confidence in their talents and appeal. And thus far Ada Wong qualified in all categories ( including the one that Ares didn't acknowledge - playing up his own ego. She had figured that out about him and used it quite well ) So if she were using her talents to her advantage - that meant he was on the right track and she needed some help.

"Whatever you're up to it must be siginifcant if you're bringing me into your business life." he paused, blue eyes glancing down at her as she stopped before him with nothing but a smirk on. "But you know I do like to put pleasure before business."

                                                               "I figured you might say as much."
26 August 2015 @ 07:36 pm
CLARK WOULD NEVER FORGET the emotion that filled him when Jenny placed the latest issue of the Gotham Gazette across his desk. At first it was a mix of dredd and disbelief. 'GOTHAM SOCIALITE SELINA KYLE MURDERED...' the rest of the font began to blur and for a moment Clark almost took off his glasses. 'Clark. Clark, are you okay?' Jenny's voice brought him back to reality. He looked up offering her a reassuring smile. It was only when he looked back down and started to read the headline under the front page photo that his dredd turned to a heart-sinking emotion.

....the lead suspect is the thief known as Catwoman.

To most that would mean nothing. To Clark, who know that the thief known as Catwoman was in fact Selina Kyle it left him with a sense of confusion. There were really two options; either she had disappeared and someone had fabricated this story or - she had faked her own death. Of course given the lack of details in this article he supposed it could be any number of other explanations.

The intial gut reaction he had was to leave work and search for her. He excused himself from his desk and made his way towards the stairwell. But while Clark was certainly more impulsive than Batman he wasn't completely without thinking first. In fact it would only be when he stopped on the roof to think about it that it hit him. If she had faked her death - she hadn't told him. Perhaps she had told others, perhaps she told no one, but Clark knew for sure that she hadn't told him. To say it left him in a state of being crestfallen would be an understatement. If Catwoman didn’t want to inform Superman of her grand scheme that was no big deal but he liked to think that Clark Kent and Selina Kyle had grown to a certain closeness - at least a level more than casual friends ( he dared never suggest something deeper ) Maybe it had just been what he always feared, the thing that had always kept him from admitting to deeper emotions: it had always been casual for her.

Regardless of how he felt though, regardless of whether she was dead or simply vanished the fact was this: Selina Kyle was gone from his life.

"Really, Smallville."

The disapproving tone of Lois Lane came across the bullpen and was followed by the resounding thump of a pile of papers on his desk. When Clark looked at them he saw it was the latest piece he had just put in Perry's door to be looked at. "This is what you're handing in?" His eyebrows raised for a moment behind his glasses before opening his mouth to reply.

"If you're going to say its a fluff piece, Lois - " "That's not what I was going to say."

She cut him off before he could even finish and she had that look in her eye that said Clark was going to sit down and listen for a good minute or two. "A few weeks ago a thief, not to mention someone who's been seen aiding heroes on ocassion, is accused of murder. Selina Kyle's murder. And you've either been sitting on your ass or writing stories about the latest political debate. Clark, where's your sense of investigative journalism?! I don't know how close the two of you were but you can't tell me this isn't affecting you."

The man from Kansas' gaze averted from her own. She was right to a degree. At first Clark had moped, feeling down on his luck. Then he came to terms with it. If Selina wanted to disappear then he should respect her decision to do so without informing him - after all who was he to her? He had seemingly pushed it out of mind. And yet when it came up in the meeting he had been to volunteer to look in to it - only to conviently come back to tell Perry that all leads led to deadends. Selina Kyle was dead. In fact for a brief time there was a time when he had tried to convince himself that maybe she had died. Because at least in such a scenario he could mourn and move on compared to now where he felt as though there was so much gone unstated, questions left unanswered.

Still despite that feeling, he would steel himself as he looked back to meet Lois' gaze, his voice unwavering as he spoke. "I chased those leads already Lois; just like I told Perry they were duds. The only way we'll find out what happened to Selina is if they catch Catwoman - and that's a job for the authorities."

He knew Lois wasn't pleased with him. After his little response she had actually been too angry to fix him with a response and instead stormed out of the office. She may be angry for a time but Clark was sure she'd get over it. It was a necessary lie to protect both her identity as Catwoman and the truth of her death; he decided that the moment he lied to Perry. And in fact Selina had left little to no breadcrumbs - not even a whisk of a trail for trusted allies to follow.

Fortunately Clark had a few more tools than the average detective in his arsenal. And apparently he wasn't a trusted ally either.

Tossing his satchel onto the couch, Clark moved towards the pinboard he had arranged on his living room wall. What he had told everyone about Selina Kyle and what the truth was happened to be vastly different. And while the leads were practically nonexistent, that didn't mean they weren't there. Before him on the board was a mix of newspaper clippings and red threads on a map connecting previous known locations, possible sightings, and any location Selina had mentioned wanting to visit in a conversation before.

The truth was that while he told Lois he had gotten nowhere with his investigation, he had never been closer than before. In fact, all it was now wa a matter of confronting her. The problem was that Clark wasn't sure if he should, or more importantly if he WANTED to. As many questions as he had, many of them were still questions that Clark wasn't sure he wanted the answers to. The main one was simple - not why she did it - but why she didn't tell him, or at least give him a warning a lie even that she was going away for a time. Did she really think he wouldn't be affected by her death? The other questions were the dangerous ones - yet they were ones that Clark had become scared that if he didn't ask now he would never get the chance to ask again.

These were all inner conflicts Clark struggled with in the weeks of gathering information though. And although he still had them - would probably have them up until he saw her face again - Clark had resolved that he had to confront her.

In the end he had to admit, he expected her to be somewhere more exotic or desolate. Then again, he was still dealing with Selina it wasn't as if she was going to be in the slums of Rio De Janerio. Not to mention Europe was a continent of millions with multiple countries and languages. Fortunately for Clark a flight to Italy was nothing.

As he landed outside the door he hoped would have Selina behind it he couldn't help but notice how peaceful everything was. It certainly lacked the darkness of Gotham and he was reminded of that first conversation when he asked if she could ever see herself moving to a warmer city like Metropolis. Clark paused as he reached for the doorknob, listening for a steady heartbeat her heartbeat. It was there. She was there.

Adjusting his glasses on his face with one hand he swallowed and pushed the door open with the other....
IF ARES WERE HONEST with himself, there were times when he wondered if Adelyn was a full human. It sounded like a silly question to consider - but given that he himself was a GOD there was nothing outside of the realm of possibility. The fact was that she ha far too many things about her that made her fit the role of numerous MONSTERS in stories. After all it was rare that he met a mortal as okay with BLOOD and VIOLENCE as he was. As much as it made him question her being though, he LOVED IT. And in truth, if she was nothing more than a deprieved human that made it even better. Knowing that they could RISE to that level.

As the days passed he found himself wanting to test her - not just sexually but in other ways as well. To see just where her limits stretched - to find out if she had any limits to begin with. As good as she seemed to be, Ares didn't think she was that good. Which left both a need to be filled, and room for improvement as far as he was concerned. But first there would be the test - a guage to see if she was truly worth his time.

It was possible to carry on as they were of course. Ares could be content having her think of him as - well whatever she thought of him as, perhaps an equally disturbed individual with mutual tastes. But he wanted to see her react to the truth, to hear what she would say to being involved with the god of violence and bloodshed. She should be estatic, or maybe she would just think he had fully gone off the deep end. The latter result would be quite disappointing he had to admit.

Of course Ares picked the optimal time to unveal this little truth; timing was everything after all.

One leg was held against his chest, curling just over his shoulder while the other was pushed out to the side. And Ares, he was in between them in a position that gave him plenty of leverage. His thrusts were quick and rough, setting a rhythm that didn't give either of them any breaks. That was how it always was between them however, in their short time of getting together. Ares was not timid in the least, nor was he intimidated by the personality or needs of Adelyn. Needless to say it was a stroke of his own ego to think that HE was able to give her what these mortal men could do. They could be too weak, too sheepish, or just not good enough to have her writhing in pleasure. No mortal could cause her to dig her naills into his shoulder like she wanted to draw blood as she was now. For Ares the pain brought trough the act was closer to pleasure.

Leaning down, his thrusts becoming shorter but still driving just as deep, one hand slide over her breast, climbing until it wrapped around her throat. He imagined most would have fear or apprehension at such an act - but Adelyn had neither. If anything there was EXCITEMENT in her gaze as he constricted her airway. Moving her leg off his his shoulder as he leaned down ( which she proceeded to wrap around his waist ) Ares waited until he was chest to chest with her, breath hot on her ear. His rhythm slowed, making it slightly easier to speak. The benefit of speaking now was that she could hardly retort if she didn't believe him.

         "I want you to know that a GOD has your life in his hands. That all this time you've been fucking the god of war, violence and bloodshed. It must be a dream come true."

Normally those words might sound mocking or misleading but in this case Ares' tone was genuine. If she dared to believe he was telling the truth - well from everything he had observed - she would be quivering with excitement. Almost as if on cue he felt her walls tighten as his grip had. A smirk crossed his features as he pulled back slightly so his gaze could hold her own. As far as confessions went - he'd have to say this was one of his best.
22 July 2015 @ 10:16 am
A child changed things.

That much was safe to say. Rather than fighting for control and dominance over one another, they now had to SHARE possession of their dark-haired daughter. Although even that sharing would be pulled in one direction or the other. But to say that it made them more docile - well that would simply be misleading. There was no avoiding the exchange of heated opinions or angry disapproval.
28 June 2015 @ 10:54 am
Okay maybe he hadn't played fair - but in all honesty Ares would claim that it was SHE who had abandoned the rules to begin with so he was only following her lead. After all, she was the one who kept insisting he go to one of her yoga classes with him. Turned out he hadn't been the only sap dragged there. What she hadn't told him was the physical torture he would be put through. Not personally, but from watching her.

He had to endure an hour of it, an hour of inaction while also trying to listen to the foolish instructor. Given Ares usual tendencies, anyone who knew him might be shocked to hear that he lasted the entire class without misbehaving. But of course he had more than made up for it quickly after that. If Ares had it his way he would have taken her in the stairwell of the studio, or even in the car -- as it was he had to wait until they got back home, duffle bag dropped to the ground, before his lips would press against hers.

She didn't seem to be caught off guard which only fueled his conspiracy theories that this was her plan all along. He never considered that maybe he was just this predictable. Maybe it had all been part of her plan for revenge against his stubbornness or not knowing enough about her outside interest. If that had been the case - LESSON LEARNED.

Her yoga pants had been the first things to go. Damn things could be tossed straight to Hades as far as Ares was concerned.
24 June 2015 @ 08:45 pm
"You know I don't quite remember if you ever asked me about your deceased husband. But perhaps the thought crossed your mind." Despite the subject matter, Ares demeanor was casual a glass of wine idly in his hand. Amazing as it was, not everything was plotting and tension between the two of them. "I'm sure it crossed your mind when you first met me. I'm brutish with a thirst for war. Surely someone like your husband would have been right up my alley - at least what your husband used to be."

"Perhaps at one point you considered yourself lucky" the thought amused him. Ares didn't se Cersei as someone who believed in any luck other than that which she created. And tossing it up to 'fate' was out of the question. "Fortunate that my arrival came after the death of the first king." Fortunate for him that it came after the death of the second king. Would Cersei have been as open to his talents if Joffery had been on the throne? Perhaps - his strength in the military was undeniable. Would she have been as reciprotive to his touches in the night? An IRRELEVANT question.

"I considered it myself. After all Robert's Rebellion, to a war god, was a blessing. The man sought blood with disregard for the life that was ended upon spilling it." he could see Cersei's features contorting at even the SLIGHTEST praise of her deceased husband. "From what I understand though after his taking of the crown" purposely leaving out his taking of Cersei, "the rest of his life was rather lack luster. Disappointing to say the least." Ares was only knew of the lack of fighting that took place; he knew nothing of the treatment that occured between wife and husband. Perhaps if he had he would have taken more glory in certain actions. "In fact, I don't think I could let a king like that go on." A pause.

Given the time he had spent going on about Robert Baratheon Ares chuckled when he looked over at Cersei, the queen mother was impassive but likely ready to smash her goblet over his head. "Come now" he would walk over to her, placing a kiss to her lips before she forced his head to the side, fingers against his cheek as she did. Still the grin remained on his features. "What I'm trying to say, if you would listen, is that it wasn't simply some fate driven by the gods that I arrived when I did. Of course it wasn't specifically for you - we've argued enough on tactics for you to realize we aren't alike in that manner - but you were the power at the top of a kingdom. Someone who could let me rule the battlefield without question."

It wasn't a slight but a fact. When he first arrived the only thing they could argee on was that people should die. Everything else was a debate. He turned his head back so he was looking at her although his chin remained firmly in her grasp. "Although, that makes it seem like you were a minor part and the oppurtunity for war was the real lure. In truth there was something that drew me here and it stemmed from you. If you think hard enough I'm sure you'll figure some of it out" he trailed off, leaning closer to her when he didn't feel any resistance. "Did I ever tell you there is a myth about me in lands foreign to this one. My lover, she took a liking to another man -- she had fallen madly in love. Naturally I'm sure you can assume what I did - but can you guess how I did it?" he left the question in the ear, his breath hot against her ear as he answered it.

                                               "I took the form of a BOAR and speared him through the ribs."
To say that Ares hated the business that Cersei brought to Vivid would be a bit of an exaggeration. In truth, it was beneficial. For all the personal work she did, she did bring clients as well. If she didn't the relationship would be far too one-sided for him to abide. But even with that it was hardly a mutual partnership.

No, as much as Ares hated it ( and he would never admit it ) she was the one in charge. He would never say it to his employees, or anyone else for that matter, but Cersei had him by the balls. FIguratively speaking of course. Apparently he wasn't her TYPE. Something about how she perceived men who visited strip clubs. Personally Ares thought she was either insecure or just deluded. Anyone who believed someone who visited his establishment was lesser -- well they weren't completely wrog but clearly they were missing out.

So she may never intend to physically hold his genitals but Cersei seemed to have no intentions of letting her figurative grip go. In fact the mafia heiress seemed practically gleeful everytime she got to exert her dominance over him; whether it was forcing his hand on an issue or just bringing up the BLACKMAIL again and again.

And now here she was, in his office and looking smug (at least he would claim it was smug, however it was something far more subtle)  Ares never bent immediately to her will, he would TRY fruitlessly to play games, but at the end of it all there would always only be one outcome. 'So we have an undestanding then?' Her words cut through his thought process like a knife through butter. Forcing a smile onto his features Ares nodded.

"Everything will be set up for your next -- whatever you call your little get togethers." he paused and smirked, refusing to be totally controlled. " -- are you sure you don't want some strippers there for free? This is my last offer."
01 May 2015 @ 08:52 pm
Submission was what Ares always wanted, it was what he always craved. Sure there were other aspects to his patronage than civil unrest but those tended to be the most prominant ones. When he overthrew Zeus it wasn't for some altruistic goal of becoming a better king. Even if Ares wouldn't admit it there would always be the aspect of power that drove him to overthrow his father. The prospect of ruling over others appealed to him.

Needless to say that desire spread to other parts of his life as well, namely the bedroom -- or whatever surface happened to be closest. The problem? Well, there were two problems really. The first was that Ares had -- amazingly -- decided to remain faithful with his chosen coherced queen. Not just amazing due to his previous track record but amazing due to the fact that plenty of oppurtunities had presented themselves with her job as a protector of Earth and the fact that he didn't know if Diana would even blink - especially early on. The second reason it was a problem was the fact that the woman he decided to be faithful to was far from submissive.

And against what all logic would dictate Ares LOVED IT.

She presented the challenge of being broken yet Wonder Woman would never break - not fully. Therefore with each kiss and every touch, the challenge was renewed once more.

And thus was the current situation,

Strong hands that had long since grown accustom to her form trailed over her body with OWNERSHIP. Ares had always been well acquinted with Diana in the battlefield, but this was something different. Even if she was stubborn and liked to be in control herself he had managed to unravel a number of her tells. His palm slid beneath her chiton brushing against the muscled skin that lay beneath it. A warrior of old through and through. Her fingers curled around his wrist before they explored too generously and in return his free hand curled around her neck and drew her close enough to place his lips upon hers.

As he went through his memory he could never recall a gentle or loving embrace between the two of them. It was always Ares trying to impose his will on her and Diana defiatenly seeking to prove that they were equals. It was Ares trying to MARK her while Diana sought to BRUISE him. In the end they ended similarly but the perspectives the two took on the situation couldn't be more different. On command his lips left the biting embrace, hand traveling up to fist in dark locks and PULLING back to expose the expanse of her neck, ripe for an onslaught of nipping and more importantly biting and sucking.

As he does so, GODLY lips descending on her, Diana is not so compliant. Then again if Ares had expected a hand in her hair to make her OBEY then Ares didn't know her at all. So it's a smirk that greats her hand pushing through short hair ( yet not PULLING BACK he would quietly note ) in fact there's a sense of pleasure to be gained from it. He continues his assualt and as usual Diana responds. Never vocally ( at least not this early on ) but her body loses its tension; her actions however still keep their bite. And when she finally does PULL on his hair it's only so that she can crash their lips together and draw blood from his lower lip as teeth bite at the God who has pulled her down so far.

Ares considers for a moment, that moment when angry but passionate blue eyes look back at him, if he should instruct her to get on her knees. She wouldn't immediately follow, her pride never lets her, but he has his method's of cohercion. ( there's also the theory he's been having recently that she now sees the chance to be on her knees as the oppurtunity to have Ares at his most vulnerable. she can unravel him with a few flicks of her tongue and should he try anything -- his most precious organ is between her lips. then again he isn't quite sure if Diana is THAT sadistic - yet. ) Maybe it was the weight of the crown but likely or not he doesn't want to give his QUEEN the satisfaction of having that control.

It was that line of thinking that led to him riding her of clothing which she not-so-kindly did in kind. The back of the Queen of Olympus hits the marble wall so hard that it cracks but to them the sensation is nothing. Even she who wasn't a god yet had all the bearings of one barely flinched. Whatever pain she may have felt was overriden by the sensation of him filling her swiftly - a familiar pleasure washing over the both of them. He would mock her for it, and she would never admit , but they had grown accustom to this - accustom to EACH OTHER whether she liked it or not. So it isn't a surprise when his hand comes up to tighten around her throat. He moves closer to her, close enough that his breath his hot on her skin while her legs wrap around his own in an effort ( that she would claim is involuntary ) to assist his thrusting.

It was once out of instinct but now Ares believes it is out of choice that her hand comes up to wrap around his wrist that threatens her airway. And yet she doesn't squeeze - not yet. Even as he picks up the pace FUCKING his Queen ( and yet he has never been able to do so into SUBMISSION ) It's only when he whispers three words, growls them in fact, that she reacts.


The words ( or perhaps the reality ) causes her fingers to squeeze down with the threat of breaking bone and yet his response is to tighten his own grip best he can manage. ( any mortal man would have crumbled it that moment. but just as she defies him he uses the moment to exhibit he is not only her equal but STRONGER than her. )  "You think I will...let go" he hisses through clenched teeth, the feeling of her walls tightening around him. "because...I desire to hear you...proclaim my name." And then he grins - that sharklike grin - "you are WRONG." And the look in her eye is brief but telling because he loves nothing more than to hear her cry out his name in pleasure ( it is a rare occurence after all ). Yet instead his grip is tightening around her airway. Had this been earleir in the session perhaps she would have retaliated, threatened him with the same or WORSE. Yet she's already on the edge, he can tell - he remembers her tells after all. "Don't worry...I hear this makes it BETTER."

And as her body convulses Ares' theory is immediately put to the test.

Hours later, when the silence has fallen over Olympus Ares will lay in his bed - alone tonight - with a look of satisfaction on his features. Not only had his own orgasm been beyond expectation but the results of restricting Diana's breath -- he believed he would be the first and only one to say he had caused Wonder Woman to blackout during a climax.
01 April 2015 @ 08:01 am

Before those words had caused Ares to roll his eyes in frustration. Perhaps even attempt to forbid her in some cases ( though she rarely listened. ) But now it only brought a warm smile to his features. Now these times when Diana was away were perfect opportunities for him to mold their daughter as he saw fit. It was a send from the gods -- although he douted anyone up on Olympus was doing him any such great favors.

Ares would watch as she placed a kiss to the child's head (who would in turn look lovingly at her mother) and give Ares a simple stare. He knew well enough that he would not be getting any kisses goodbye. And with that she descended from the Mount to assist a group of foolish mortals.

As soon as she was gone, Helena's eyes shot to Ares. All he had to do was smirk and she shot off in the direction of his weapons room.